File System Forensic Analysis by Brian Carrier

File System Forensic Analysis

File System Forensic Analysis Brian Carrier ebook
Page: 600
ISBN: 0321268172, 9780321268174
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Format: chm

This week, we have a wealth of File System information, new and old, updates to the popular and versatile RegRipper program, and some very promising research in the area of memory forensics. Admin | March 20, 2013 | 27 comments |. This is a quick overview of the relevant features—details can be found in the fileXray User Guide and Reference ebook. For example, chapter 4 is dedicated to the HFS+ file system used by Macintosh computers and drills down to disk level file system forensics. · Physical extraction from locked and unlocked Nokia BB5 devices. I have a huge interest in file system forensics, so I have been following his Tri-Force blog posts and was anxious to hear his scheduled talk on the NTFS Logfile Forensics/Tri-Force during CEIC. Grid File Systems: A Forensic Analysis Joshua Boyd College of Information Science and Technology, Radford University Radford, Virginia 24142, United States of America and. Friday, 15 March 2013 at 18:20. No Windows/Mac/Linux file systems forensics or Cisco hardware network forensics? IOS forensics - Physical, logical and file system extraction, decoding and user lock bypass. Digital Evidence and Computer Crime: Forensic Science, Computers, and the Internet (File System Forensic Analysis). I have been spending some time reading File System Forensic Analysis by Brian Carrier which is considered by many to be the primary resource on the subject of file system forensics. Besides its other capabilities, fileXray has an extensive feature set geared for HFS+ file system forensics. Digital Evidence and Computer Crime, Third Edition provides the knowledge necessary to uncover and use digital evidence effectively in any kind of investigation.

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